The two main purposes of this guide is to:

  1. Help those in need of assessments to find relevant tools/initiatives and help providers of tools to understand the need
  2. Support Mission Innovation’s framework development by identifying best and next practice in a way that encourage transparency and collaboration among those who develop tools/initiatives. Almost all have unique and important roles in an expanded climate innovation agenda and the framework is meant to support such a diverse and agile approach, not development of any rigid standard.

The focus of the guide is on tools/initiatives that provide support for assessment of solution providers/innovations. In addition the guide also include tools/initiative that help stakeholders become solution provider and move from a climate risk innovation perspective to a climate opportunity perspective, often by helping companies move from a focus on their own emissions ( climate footprint/risk/reporting/scope 1-3 emissions) to a situation where they are also seen as solution providers that help reduce emissions in society (climate handprint/opportunity/strategy development/avoided emissions in society through solutions provides by the company).

In order to also capture tools and initiatives that currently focus on assessment and/or support from a climate footprint/problem approach, but also have begun to explore an handprint/solution approach, the guide include also initiatives and tools with a strong footprint approach that have some elements of a handprint approach. Such footprint tools/initiatives can sometime be used a first step to an expanded innovation agenda, but can also lock stakeholders in a risk/problem approach.

In order to provide an aggregated overview of the impact of the stakeholders supporting an expanded innovation agenda the total number of tools/initiatives, innovations/solution providers assessed, and total amount of potential avoided emission is provided on the landing page. These numbers are only meant to be indicative and show the order of magnitude of change that the tools/initiatives on this platform contribute to.